Small Changes Add Up

I realized with some pride that I have been working on my accelerated wellness path for almost a year now. Considering that I almost never see my doctor except for my annual physical I didn’t have to take huge steps towards my goal. Last year’s physical was routine, except for the fact that my blood … Continue reading Small Changes Add Up

Harvest Moon

Summer is mercifully over. I have never been a fan of hot weather, but this summer tested everyone. By August I was starting to feel claustrophobic because I was spending as much time indoors as I do in February. I love my house, but I don’t want to be imprisoned there. This last weekend was … Continue reading Harvest Moon


There isn’t enough laughter in my life. I suspect that might be true of lots of people these days. This morning I ran into a friend at the dog park I hadn’t seen all summer. As we stood next to my Fiat she looked inside and commented on my traveling companion, Hillary Clinton. “Is that … Continue reading Laughter

David Won

Ever since election day 2016 I have been casting around wondering how to make a meaningful contribution. I needed to focus on one particular cause, and the environment was a no-brainer. I donated to roughly twenty organizations while I was looking for a place to dive in. My entry into environmental activism was unplanned and … Continue reading David Won

Finding My Own

I was shocked to realize how long it’s been since my last post. Considering I am the only one who reads my blog, it’s not a big deal. Every time I write something I feel energized, and think, I should write a post every week and then….good intentions and all that. It’s a lot like … Continue reading Finding My Own


There is a woman we see almost every morning power walking around our neighborhood. It’s taken years but we are finally doing more then nodding. She commented on how nice our new driveway looked… so she does know who we are… Today she asked about the path we take at the dead end of the … Continue reading Fear